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There are thousands of artists over the years who have stretched the boundaries of conventional Gospel and Christian music, but they never had a solid genre or station to call home.  Before now, there was very little mixing  of  Gospel and Christian music on the same station. Now,  that Mix has a home. Life 615 features multi-genre artists whose lyrics and lives were completely focused on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music.

In a 2014 study, listeners were asked to give their top three favorite music genres.  Christian and Gospel combined ranked lower than mainstream formats, but were included as a favorite.

correct top 3 favs chart
Source © Statista 2016 United States; May 2014; 1,010 Respondents were asked to pick their top three genres

This information gives two revelations; 1) Christians listen to Country, Pop, Hip Hop/R&B and Rock and in many cases more frequently than Christian Gospel. 2) Non-Christians don’t listen to Christian formatted music.

Here’s the snare, the majority of the people needing to be reached and ministered to, are listening to mainstream, popular music.  Yet, the majority of Christian and Gospel music serves only those people who already enjoy the specific sound of traditional Christian and Gospel genres.  This misses the huge harvest fields of those who are lost and those Christians who listen to popular music. We aren’t changing the music, we are presenting the message to new ears in a way that will reach them.

we are presenting the message to new ears in a way that will reach them

The goal of LIFE 615 is to reach the people who listen to music that has the contemporary sound of Country, Pop and R&B/Hip Hop and other genres, with the uncompromising message of Jesus Christ.

How Are We Doing It?

LIFE 615 will launch in 2017.   The station will stream live 24/7 from our studios in Nashville, TN with a consistent flow of praise, worship and salvation.  This is a Music City station. Artists, guests and the community are always welcome.

The station will be a home for Christian artists, ministries and businesses.  Look to hear live sessions from your favorite artists, updates on the latest concert, and ministry news as well as well has super fun events, promotions and everything else that gives Life to music city.

Why Online?Source © Statista 2016 United States; May 2014; 1,010 Respondents; Respondents were asked to pick their top three genres

Online radio has reached a critical new high, with 53% of Americans 12+ listening monthly.  Think about your habits at work, are you listening to an old school radio or online streaming through your phone, iPad or computer?  How about at home?

Nielsen Music 360 9/24/15
Nielsen Music 360 9/24/15

75% of the population saying they listen to music online in a typical week. People listen through their phones, computers, and tablets. 24/7 we will be able to reach every soul in the Nashville metro and the world with a cellphone, iPad, laptop.  LIFE 615 is shining a light  to spread the unwavering Good News.

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