Launch Copy

Hey guys!

Thanks for your help. We are super excited and blessed that you are helping us with your amazingness.

Don’t worry about being Brad Pitt, we want your honest, authentic self.  Try to deliver the copy looking directly into your camera so that you look and speak as if you are talking to a person in front of you.

For best results we broke up the copy into phrases that can be memorized. Depending on your phone’s upload ability you can do it all in one take. It should take less than 2 min.

Don’t worry about stopping, starting, mistakes etc.  We will fix it all in editing.  (you may want to read over it a few times before your hit record… then let it ROLL!!)

Just be clear and engaging in each line. Be YOU!!!

Email your video to . Also, please fill out the permission form below. If you have friends that would like to join in.. cool! They need to fill out accept the project terms as well in order for us to use your video.

We appreciate you donating your awesome sauce! Make sure to put in your correct contact info in the form.  You will be our special guests at launch events and other exciting station stuff!  🙂

Once the video is completed, we will email you a link to the final project. Feel free to share it as much as you like!

Thanks!!  — MJ and the crew


————- Copy————


Nashville is Music City and the home and heartbeat of Country and Christian music.

It is also becoming the birthplace of .

The station will be the first Christian format to focus solely on Christian music with the popular sound of your favorite artists.

Over the years, there have been artists who have stretched the boundaries of Christian music, but they never had a home.

Artists whose lyrics and lives were focused on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music that used the contemporary sound of the day.

David used the same lyre (“Leer”) to play for King Saul, that he used to party with his friends and family and to praise God.  It was all the same sound.

We’re using the sound of your favorite kind of music, with the message of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Enough talk, how about a sample!

Join me in bringing LIFE to Nashville

… and the rest of the world.  It is on the internet!

By the way, my favorite kind of music is _______________  (whatever your fav is.. country/rock/ pop/ hiphop/ gospel etc.) Nashville’s Christian Music Mix